The rolling green landscape around Leuven is ideal for exploring by bike. Forests and abbeys, but also a canal and a river, breweries and contemporary architecture are waiting for you. And you can of course also explore the city center by bike.

Sustainable and healthy food : a journey of discovery by bike

Leuven 2030 has developed a strategy to make the food chain in Leuven more sustainable. During a guided bike tour we introduce you to a number of concrete initiatives in the field of production, distribution and consumption of ecologically sound and healthy food. You will discover how the principles of agroecology, biodynamic agriculture, short food chains, self-harvesting, local fair trade, ‘Community Supported Agriculture’, packaging-free shopping, zero-waste, etc. are put into practice.
Numerous fascinating and surprising initiatives in the vicinity of the Leuven ring road will be happy to welcome you and explain how they work.

Distance : +_ 10 km. Duration : 3 hrs. (incl. visits)

; Arenbergs in Leuven and Heverlee

A varied bike ride along the traces of this noble family in the city center and Heverlee. Partly in the city, partly along drives and in the woods. Suitable for anyone in a normal condition; a standard city bike is sufficient.

Distance : +_ 12 km. Duration: 2 – 2, 5 hours.

; abbeys of Leuven

By bike you discover the rich religious patrimony in and around our university city: the abbeys of Sint-Geertrui, Park Heverlee, Vlierbeek and Keizersberg.

Distance :+_14 km. Duration : 2 – 2,5 hours

Leuven-North : canal, river, abbey and green recreation

Bike tour along the industrial neighborhood around the Vaartkom, Wilsele, Wijgmaal and the Remysite, the Kesselse bergen and the abbey of Vlierbeek, the provincial recreation domain and the Kop van Kessel-Lo. Industry, urban renewal and nature are discussed

Duration: 3 – 3,5 hours

Leuven-South : forest, castle, abbey, river

A beautiful circuit through nature, which is only possible in dry weather in summer. Along the Philipssite we drive to the Park Abbey. hrough the beautiful drives of Heverlee- Bos we drive to Vaalbeek and the Zoete Waters. Along the Dijle Valley and the Arenberg Park we return to the center of the city.

Duration : 3 – 4 hours

; – Bertem along the Voer

From Leuven’s city center we drive past Egenhoven through the Voer Valley to Bertem and Leefdaal. We enjoy beautiful views of the Brabant plateau, charming village centers and remarkable old churches and castles. A science park also deserves our attention.

Duration : 3 – 4 hours

Contemporary architecture in and around the city center

The Vaart, the area around the station, the Remy-site, the Kop van Kessel-Lo…various combinations are possible; you can always agree with the guide exactly what you want to see.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours

; bike to the campus

During this bicycle tour you will first be guided past the most important university buildings in the old city center. Then we ride along the Arenberg Park with its castle to the Science and Technology Campus, and then to Campus Gasthuisberg with its hospital, where the Health Sciences Campus is in full development.

Duration : 2 hours

By bike in search of Street Art in Leuven

Wherever you cycle along Leuven’s roads, more often than not you come across street art!

We cycle through Leuven, inside and just outside the Ring. We will stop at a few monumental murals, but also discover smaller street art interventions, which you might have passed by many times without noticing. Tonami, Bisser, DinDin, Dzia, … After this bike ride you will know the works of these artists !

Duration : 2 hours

Praktical information

There is a maximum of 20 people per guide for bicycle tours.

Participants bring for their own bikes.