For guided tours with school groups, we opt for an interactive approach: the guide not only tells a story but also gives the students assignments. Students are allowed to do much more than just “follow and listen”, they shape the tour themselves.

The way we tell the story of the tour and the assignments that go with it depend on the age of the target group. Elementary school children come with a different level of knowledge and with different expectations and interests than upper secondary school youth, and each proposed tour responds to this to the maximum extent.

Therefore, if possible, we ask that you ensure that the guide and the group leader have had a brief contact beforehand (by phone or email). In this way, during the tour we can optimally anticipate what will be covered in other lessons.

Primary Schools

Leuven : an open-air museum for young sleuths!

Leuven has a lot to offer children of all ages. During these highly interactive walks, we take them on a tour of discovery and let them hear, see, feel and taste everything the city has to offer. Some possible themes are :

  • How did your grandparents live ?
  • Statues in the inner city.
  • The birth and growth of Leuven, from its origins to today.
  • Art in the streets : street art.
  • The first world war, as seen through children’s eyes
  • In search of animals in the city.

Secondary Schools

  • Latin in Leuven.
  • KULeuven : a first introduction for future students.
  • Medieval Leuven through the eyes of Dirk Bouts.
  • Art in the streets : street art.
  • More than an open-air museum – different styles of art in the city.
  • The Great Beguinage and its inhabitants : feminists avant la lettre ?

We are also happy to provide tailor-made guided tours on other themes that may or may not be directly linked to the school curriculum.

Practical Information

The standard duration of our tours for school groups is 90 minutes. Each walk can be shortened to 60 minutes or extended to 2 hours.

For school groups we never charge more than 90 euros for a guided tour of up to two hours. We provide one guide per group of up to 25 students.For these walks we use only guides who have experience in guiding school groups and who enjoy doing so and do it well.