Leuven+ has developed adapted tours for people with visual impairments, with physical impairments, for wheelchair users and for people with intellectual disabilities.

For practical reasons, we limit the number of participants to 15 per guide. Accompanying persons with a “companion pass” participate free of charge.

For people with hearing disabilities

All tours offered by Leuven+ are also suitable for people with hearing disabilities. This may be possible with digital aids (QR code for smartphones) and adapted articulation for lip reading. If the group has a sign language interpreter with them, the guide adapts to their pace.

For people with a visual impairment

Hear and feel Leuven

As a blind or visually impaired person, you need other senses than the visual one to get to know a city. “Hear and feel Leuven” therefore guides you along a number of places where you can experience the city’s highlights by touching, listening and smelling. Unsuspected qualities emerge here that are also very enriching for sighted people. After all, our predominantly visual society has completely suppressed this ‘multi-sensory world of experience’.

For people with physical disabilities and wheelchair users

Leuven, beer capital

Get to know ‘Leuven as a city of beer through the ages’ in detail. Enjoy a host of interesting facts and remarkable histories about the brewing and drinking of Leuven’s Peterman and other strong beers. All these tall tales naturally make you thirsty, so we sample a delicious local beer at the end of this tour.

Leuven for beginners

You become acquainted with the medieval past and the important bond between the city and its university from locations that are accessible to wheelchair users. The wartime past and modern-day Leuven are also discussed.

Cycling along the Canal

We cycle some 20 km along the Vaart (the canal between Leuven and Mechelen) and largely follow the junction network on the traffic-free towpaths. The guide tells the story of the Leuven – Mechelen canal, recounts the daily life of the boatmen and displays works of art on the canal. We discover Leuven’s industry and trade of the past, of today and of tomorrow. Fauna and flora are also discussed.

Note: you are responsible for your own transport

For adults with a mental disability

How the old Lovon became Leuven

The participants get to know the historic city center, where we tell the story of the creation of the city and its evolution over the centuries in an adapted language and with visual support. We make that story very concrete and interactive. Strategies and working methods adapted to the target group make the walk fascinating and accessible and ensure that attention is held the whole time.