Leuven is the university, the university is Leuven. Throughout the academic year, more than 55,000 students keep this city young and lively Leuven is the place where learned scholars such as Erasmus, Vesalius and Mercator worked and lived. Here Georges Lemaître developed the Big Bang Theory. Right now, Leuven is a world leader in nanotechnology (IMEC). Groundbreaking innovative research is carried out in centuries-old colleges. For two years running Leuven was nominated the most innovative University in Europe. Discover the many aspects of this university, from its early beginning in 1425 up to today. Get to know the student’s life through the eyes of a “kotmadam” (a landlady) or walk in the footsteps of a professor with us.

University walk: from Erasmus to the Big Bang

Visit to the Central University Library (including ascending the tower)

Female students’ walk

The stories of a “kotmadam” (a landlady)

Follow the professor

Leuven philosophers